• Our Objective is to build a strong teaching environment in computer education that responds to future challenges.
  • Promote excellence and growth in franchising while serving the interests of its members at the same time.
  • The main objective of our organization is to provide deep and adequate knowledge of computers to the student.
  • Our AIM is "Information Technology for all". The main area of our work has specially been villages and backward areas, because major population resides in those areas that can actually requires the knowledge of Information Technology for improving the quality of their life and increase the standard of living.
  • Our aim is to promote small entrepreneurs who can impart IT education in local area in local language.
  • Create awareness regarding Information Technology among school students.
  • Provide Job-Oriented short-term training to unemployed youth.
  • Assist the students of backward communities in developing vocational skills.
  • Deliver the best in quality, so that students should get all his expectations fulfilled.