Hologram Benefits to Students
  • Holograms are the most successful and effective measure to prevent Fake Certificates.
  • It Looks distinctively different and adds value.
  • It cannot be scanned or electronically transmitted.
  • Holograms cannot be duplicated by any known printing techniques.
  • Counterfeiters find it almost impossible to copy holograms.
About SiCE Hologram

As you know the fact, that the SiCE Computer Education is developing day by day and as well as increasing its franchisee network strength. Some people (organizations) are intended to generate the duplicate certificates and causing damage to the image of SiCE Computer Education, which is established by great efforts and prompt service. As an effort to prevent this, SiCE is started using of a HOLOGRAM on each and every certificate hereafter in order to avoid the fake Certificates and keep its Genuineness. Any Certificate / Diploma awarded to students were issued by SiCE Computer Education Head Office only, with Hologram on Both Marks Memorandum and Certificate.

Note: Every Student who receives Certificates/Diploma's from Study Centre's has to check for 2D-3D Hologram. If anyone found Certificates/Diploma's without Hologram can Call to Student Help Desk Number and make a complaint.